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Aesthetic Fillings

Why are aesthetic filling implementations necessary?

Nowadays, the purpose of dental treatments is that they are satisfactory both visually and functionally. For this reason, the main goal is to make fillings suit the natural tooth structure as color and shape, fill the gaps so that they are not apparent and make the filled tooth indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

What is aesthetic filling?

Aesthetic filling is made of composite material. This shapeable material is hardened with halogen light and attached to the tooth chemically.

Are aesthetic fillings durable?

Although dental amalgam fillings were believed to be more durable and functional in the previous years, with advanced technology, the substance of the material is now solidified and the structure became much more long lasting, aesthetic and healthier compared to the dental amalgam fillings.

Do aesthetic fillings have a lifespan?

There won’t be any deformation, gaps between fillings or leaking after the implementation of aesthetic filling if a routine oral care is maintained. Your aesthetic fillings are maintained, polished and made much more long-lasting during your checkups between 6 months and 1 year. Shortly, the durability of the filling is related to the patient’s oral care.

Is it necessary to replace the filling over time?

No. As long as your routine oral care is maintained, it is not necessary to replace the filling unless a cavity is identified.

What is the resistance of aesthetic fillings? Do they protect teeth? 

Since their strength is closer to our natural teeth and they are attached to teeth chemically, they offer more protection against potential tooth fractures.

Can I replace my amalgam fillings with aesthetic fillings? 

You can replace your amalgam fillings with aesthetic fillings in one visit.

Should I have aesthetic fillings or porcelain veneers? 

Our priority is to protect the natural structure of the teeth as long as possible. To what extent the teeth that became weak due to the large cavities and fractures can be strengthened with aesthetic filling is evaluated first. In the past, on many cases application of porcelain veneers was inevitable. Now, thanks to the advances in composite technology, those teeth can live for a long time with fillings only.

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